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Steve Gorn Tony Levin Jerry Marotta - From the Caves of the Iron Mountains 1997

Format: flac + cue + log
Genre: Jazz, World Fusion
Original Release Date: 1997
Label: Papa Bear Records

Once in a while, an idea grabs hold of an artist, or group of musicians, and compels them to create a work that takes in more than their music. FROM THE CAVES OF THE IRON MOUNTAIN is such a special project, in that it encompasses an atmosphere, a place so special that its presence is felt in every note.

Bassist Tony Levin, with longtime cohort Jerry Marotta on drums, and with Steve Gorn, one of the world's premier artists on East Indian flutes, heard about the historic site of the Widow Jane Mine, near their Woodstock NY home town, and arranged to play there. In two days of recording by the underground lake, a harmony between musicians and the almost pre-historic setting took place. In that unspoiled atmosphere, with the sound of Steve's Bansuri Flute, Tony's Chapman Stick, and Jerry's Taos Drums blending with the rock, dirt and water, a timeless resonance was achieved in the music that reflects more than the individual talents of the musicians. Who better to bring in to do the recording in such an unusual setting than renowned engineer/producer Tchad Blake, who has worked extensively on world music around the globe, and with Tony and Jerry on many records. Tchad used his unique binaural technique with microphones in his ears(!) so that the listener with headphones experiences the sound as if there in person. Because we wanted the production to be of the highest quality, it was taken for mastering to Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering.

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